First kiss seals the deal.

So who the hell knew a simple friend request on FB from an old friend would be the catalyst for 3 1/2 years of hell.

From the first message with him it was all ‘woe is me’. His wife had left him for someone else, he had fallen out with a girlfriend, he had some terrible medical conditions from a motorbike accident etc etc et friggin cetra. I quickly became aware that he was a delicate little snowflake. (Credit to Lucy for coming up with this name)  Poor lamb had had a bad life. Red flag? Definitely. Did I see it? Course not. Instead I felt sorry for him. Thought I could fix him. I was a nice person back then….

After a few, (well loads in a short amount of time) messages we met up for a drink. I hadn’t seen him for near on 20 years at that point. I have to give him it- he was drop dead gorgeous. Very well styled and very ‘my type’ I found his (apparent) shyness and nervousness endearing. I can’t say I was hooked but I did think that maybe there was ‘something there’

Next day L was with his dad so I spent the afternoon with CG. That’s when we officially got together. Red flag alert….he put it straight on FB “CG is in a relationship with ET (easy target aka me) around 2 hours after our first kiss. Did I see this as a red flag? Nope. I thought it was sweet and I felt it was a compliment to me. Puke. I’ll admit that it also made me feel pretty damn special. Idiot…..

2 thoughts on “First kiss seals the deal.

  1. I’m sorry you have had to deal with this. I am sure with sites like yours lots of other people with be educated a lot sooner. Good job your doing. Thank you

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